3D Digital Mikroskop

Digital stereo 3D imaging is a unique, advanced, stereo image presentation system designed to provide fully interactive real time natural 3D viewing and visualisation with outstanding depth perception.

This exciting new 3D technology without glasses, offered by our DRV (Deep Reality Viewer) digital 3D product range, is a result of Vision Engineering’s sustained investment in optical and digital R&D.

DRV N Series

View and share 3D images /video from an optical stereo zoom microscope. Combining technologies of Deep Reality Viewer (DRV) for 3D imaging with great depth perception, and SMZ for outstanding 25:1 zoom ratio, excellent image details and magnifications up to 800x.

DeepFocus 1

DeepFocus 1 EDOF digital microscope delivers ultra-fast visual inspection using MALS™ technology,  and enables up to 100x more depth of a sample to be in focus in a single view, with no need for time consuming focus stacking.  With EDOF, height map and topolographic views, features can be understood more clearly and quickly. Easy reporting and measurement tools make DeepFocus 1 designed for productivity.

DRV Stereo CAM

With the DRV Stereo CAM all the benefits of ‘glasses-free’ 3D digital stereo inspection and high resolution optical stereo microscopy are realised.  Up to 700x optical magnification. 3D viewing and capture, and 3D image/video sharing capability. The separate microscope and viewer components provide significant ergonomic advantages as well as flexibility such as remote viewing in otherwise difficult working environments.



The incredible DRV-Z1 (Deep Reality Viewer) is the world’s first digital stereo inspection system which creates full 3D HD images which float in front of your eyes. You don’t need any special glasses or goggles and there are no unpleasant side effects. You just sit back and view high definition 3D images, with outstanding depth perception, as easily as real life.


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